Dr. Reji Nicholas


Hailing from a lineage of Homeopathic physicians, Dr. Reji’s passion in Trichology started during his postgraduate days. Starting with his post-graduation thesis topic ‘Efficiency of Homeopathic medicines in Alopecia Areata’, submitted to the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka in 2004; Dr Reji has been exploring the endless possibilities of Homeopathy in Trichology ever since. 99% of his focus on hair and related problems, he has been practising regarding this topic for about 15 years, with a case exposure of more than 70,000 patients todate, including several very nearly and successfully treated cases of Alopecia totalis and universalis.

A member of the Trichological Society, UK, Dr. Reji has his independant practice in his hometown in Kerala, India, and is also a visiting consultant in almost 8 clinics both in India and abroad, which included Atlas Medical centre at Burdubai, Dubai, Al-Kawakab polyclinic at Muscat, and Al-Ghubra clinic at Muscat, Oman.

Apart from clinical practice, he has penned numerous articles in leading newspapers and magazines, and also has given his expert opinion and advice on several television and radio shows.

Dr. Reji is also a Senior Consultant at DHI (Direct Hair Implantation), the gold standard in hair restoration; having obtained training for the same at their Head clinic in New Delhi, India and global Head office at Greece. He is also an active participant in the DHI Academy Masters meet. He owns the DHI franchise clinic in Kerala, India.


Tricology: Treatment and Management of Hair Conditions.