Dr. Guillermo Lazaro Prado Gonzalez


Professor Responsible for Program of Integrative Medicine at Medical Sciences University of Matanzas: «Natural Signaling Educational program, Preclinical and Clinical Integration». Community Based Educational Program of Synchronization of epigenetic adaptations for the Development of positive health potentials. Specialist in Traditional and Natural Medicine, Osteopathy, Cronobiology, Electro thermic diagnostic. Integrative Oncology. Clinical apitherapy and essential oils. Integrative Medicine Workshops on «Human natural adaptations as health potentialities» for Network for Integrated Medical Sciences and Communitarian Epigenetic Healthy Potentialities, Cuba- Canada. Expert Avisor Committee at the National Program for Control of Cancer of Cuba and of Institute of Oncology. International Congress: Homeopathy and Cancer, Badenweiler, 2009. Ninth International Conference of the Society for Integrative Oncology. Albuquerque. 2012 (poster).

Work shops: «Natural integration in the development of health potentialities» ; «Natural Integration in Oncology: Moringa Oleifera in prevention and integrated in treatment in patients with malignant tumors», Institute of Oncology, 2011; « Natural Adaptation as Life Potentiality; integration in oncological treatment»: Santa Clara 2011.

Research: Dolphine’s natural signaling and epigenetic networks. Natural Adaptations and Integrated Homeopathy applied to Neuro Development of Child in Cardenas and to Prevention and Treatment of the Memory diseases, Matanzas


Potentialities of ‘Living’ Water Network’s Synchronization
for Human Healthy Life Resonance with Homeopathy